Chiropractic Care Has Helped Me with My Arthritis

I used to take things like tying my shoes for granted, and I know that I will do the same thing again one day. Right now though, I am just very thankful that I can do it. I didn’t have any problems up to about a year ago. Then, my knee went crazy on me, and I was having a hard time with the pain. My doctor said it was arthritis, and that there was very little that could be done. He did tell me that I could see a chiropractor in Camas who would be able to help me manage the pain better.

I knew I needed to do something because it was so bad that I could not even bend down to tie my shoes. My husband did not mind helping me, but I wanted to be able to do something as simple as that without feeling like crying because it hurt so bad to bend my knee. I went to the chiropractor that he recommended, honestly not sure what a back doctor could do to help me out. Since my primary care physician is the one who recommended it though, I knew that there had to be something to it.

I am so glad that I went. My idea of what a chiropractor is and does was completely wrong. Yes, they are there for people with sore backs or for those who have been hurt in a car accident, but they are also there for people like me with arthritic knees. I learned that they are there for people with a number of different ailments from migraines to sore toes! I have had some adjustments of my spine, and I am now able to bend down and tie my shoes on my own. The arthritis is still there, but it is not as debilitating as it was before my adjustments.