Expanding Your Job Search with a Targeted Resume Distribution Service

Although the economy has rebounded significantly and many companies are hiring on a regular basis, it can still be difficult to get a new job. This can be true for those just coming out of college, those with several years of experience, and managers and executives with a wealth of experience that have almost always been in demand in the past. The job market is as competitive as ever and it can take unique approaches to get noticed by employers and recruiters. Although not for right for every job candidate, using a resume distribution service is an option for many to consider, especially those with managerial and executive-level experience or anyone who would consider getting a position through a professional recruiter.

A resume distribution service works essentially by circulating your resume around to key people in decision making positions at executive search firms, recruiting companies, boutique search firms, and also directly to regular companies. Instead of going through the typical channels to search for a job, instead you would be trying in and get a guaranteed look at your resume for positions where your skill set matches. These targeted distribution services don’t send your resume out to every one, but focus it to your industry for more optimal results.

Although this shouldn’t replace a typical job search because it is circulated to people who may or may not have the right fit for you at that moment, it is a great way to supplement your search for those interested in going above and beyond to find the right position. It is also an ideal way to get your resume in front of key decision makers at companies and with executive recruiters. Even if you are not a good fit right now, they create databases of resumes for when something might fit down the line. It’s a good opportunity for many to consider if a typical job search isn’t going as well as you like.