Finding Personal Space on an Island Filled with People

I never thought I would be able to make it moving my family and myself to Singapore for a long-term job project for the company I work for. I am from a state that has large areas of space where you can have days where you don’t hear any traffic or see anyone else other than your family. I pictured Singapore as being a crowded fully urbanized island nation. Well, the New Futura condo project where my company owns a residential condo was a real help in dispelling that preconceived viewpoint I had about Singapore.

I was thinking this way because I know people who have been to Japan, and I have a relative that lives in China. They are used to urban living, and they tell me how the concept of personal space is different in some other countries. My friend who spends a lot of time in Japan tells me how it is crowded yet orderly. However, seeing people packed into subways like sardines in a can is not my cup of tea. I could not stand that in New York, and it looked worse in the pictures he was showing me. My relative in China told me about the smog. I was worried.

However, Singapore is different. It does not have that crowded feel to me. Our condo is huge and ultra-modern. The place is just absolutely beautiful. There is a level here in the tower we live at that you get off of the elevator and you have trees and grass and a huge swimming pool. The pool runs along the outer edge of the building, so the view is beyond description. I like to go swimming late at night. I seek out solitude wherever I go, and I can even find it here in an urbanized island nation.