Having to Wait for Applications to Be Developed

Mobile development for websites can be considered the most important aspect of web design for any website or application. How that application is design is going to vary drastically from platform to platform but it must be able to work across the board. As an end user and not much of a developer myself, I find myself quickly bypassing over applications that do not have cross platform support massive infinity mobile app development. I have multiple devices with multiple operating systems. Everything from MAC, Android to whatever it is that Amazon uses for their own mobile devices. These can vary wildly and often I find that each App Store apparently varies.

It’s like Amazon. They have a couple of awesome tablets for really cheap. I made the foolish assumption that since they utilize some amalgalation of Android that they would have all the same applications that any typical Android device is going to have. I was utterly wrong about that. They don’t even come close to having the same applications or the same number of applications. Because of how they’ve forked Android it has apparently become difficult for developers to transition their apps over into the Amazon infrastructure.

I feel for developers. I really do. It’s absurd to think that a fork like this would make it so difficult to move over an application. Companies like Amazon should do more to help with this. Sure, I do love a unique environment that is clearly different from most Android devices but I still want to have the ability to access those applications that I use. Heck, I should be able to transition between from my phone to the Amazon Fire tablet with the same app without having to either download it from their own store or wait for it to be developed for the tablet.