I Am Picky when It Comes to Apartments

I am not a picky person when it comes to most things. However, when it comes to where I will live, I want certain things that I am just not willing to compromise on. I am the type of person who is completely happy living in an apartment, but I have certain standards for the ones I will live in. When I decided to move, I did an online search for an apartment for rent in Cordova TN so I could narrow down the list easier. I knew that I would be able to find out the features and details of the different complexes right from their website.

The main thing I needed was a management team that takes their responsibilities seriously. When I first lived on my own, I was not so careful and ended up at a place where the on-site maintenance was a joke. If I had a problem with anything, I was better off just fixing it myself. I definitely learned my lesson from that experience. Along with wanting a maintenance team that actually does what it is supposed to do, I also wanted to feel safe no matter where I live.

When I saw The Orleans at Walnut Grove, I was impressed with everything that I read. They not only have a maintenance team there, but emergency maintenance is available as well. If I have something wrong at three in the morning, I will be able to get it taken care of. Also, each apartment is outfitted with an alarm, and it is also in a gated community. There are so many other nice things about it like the yoga studio and the fitness trainer at the on-site health club, the volleyball court and the social cabana too. I knew that I would like it there, which is why I am now living here!