I Can’t Wait to Live in the Nice Place That I Found

I guess it is simply having new-to-me surroundings that causes me to become so excited about moving to another apartment. It’s not like I get bored of where I am living. But finding something that is new and even better than where I lived before is so fun to me. I even love move-in day! I went through a lot of sites looking for a place that sparked something in me, and I came across a website showing an apartment complex that looked amazing to me. I have a nice place, but this place is even nicer and costs even less! I was really looking forward to going there to take a look around as soon as possible.

I am lucky that I don’t spend my money on frivolous things. Instead, I like to Make sure that I have a lot of money on hand for any types of emergencies that come up at any time. Too many people squander their money away on a lot of little things that they don’t need, and then they don’t have the ability to do things that they really want to do such as moving, pay for medical bills or go on a fantastic trip. This is one of the reasons that I can move to different places when I want to. I think it is more fun than having a lot of doodads lying around that cost a lot of money, don’t get used and gather dust.

My new place will be ready for me in a week. I have been packing for the past two weeks, I have been getting rid of things that I don’t need. I asked the manager of the building that I am still in if I could have a yard sale. She approved my request, so I will be doing that this weekend. All the proceeds from my yard sale will go toward my initial deposit and pet deposit at the new complex.