I Decided to Move to a Place That Makes Me Happy

After a business trip one day, I drove slowly by a lot of Jacksonville Florida apartments on my way out of the city. I seemed to have stumbled onto a street where there was a very large cluster of apartment buildings. There were also a lot of quaint little businesses located on the same street. Some of the apartment building units were even built on top of these units. I really liked I lived only 30 minutes outside of the city and the little street full of renters and nice little businesses appealed to me. I kept thinking about it long after I left the city.

Where I lived at the time was sort of a rural area. I had an old house, but I found that it was difficult to take care of it on my own. I work a lot, so keeping up with the landscaping in my yard was a really big burden. My yard was huge, and I just didn’t have the many hours needed to keep it looking nice each week. I would often come home very tired after a business trip and stare at my grass that had grown about 12 inches high. I knew that it made my neighbors unhappy and it bothered me, too.

I also liked the thought of not having to commut far to get to a friendly little coffee shop or even a bookshop. I had to drive quite a bit to get to any place where I was living. I then decided it would be a good idea to move. I went to Jacksonville, and looked at the street that I had previously found and then began to find out which place I would like to live in. I picked a cute two bedroom place and I love it a lot.