I Didn’t Have Much Time to Feel Sorry for Myself

I got home after work so that I could make a snack for my girls in anticipation of when they would get home from school. I walked in the front door of my home and found it to be a mess because my husband had cleared all of his things out and left. After taking a day to get over the initial shock, I looked for professional cleaning services in Singapore so that I could have someone come over to help clean everything up. I needed to make the place look presentable again for the sake of my daughters.

I felt foolish when I realized that I didn’t understand why my husband left at first. I tried to think about what I might have done wrong. I had no answers. When my girls came home from school, they were devastated when they found out what happened. They were also very angry when they couldn’t understand why their father made such a big mess in our home when he left. I realized that the reality of the situation had not quite set in yet for them because it would be a matter of just a few days before they began to focus their anger at their dad instead of worrying about a messy house.

I knew that I could not wait long to get the house looking good again. If I lived on my own, I might have spent a lot of time being depressed at home while spending all day and night in my bathrobe and eating ice cream straight out of the carton. I needed to show the girls that I was a strong person and that we would be okay. I spent a little time picking up some things and putting them away the day after he left, and then I quickly called a company so that I could hire some cleaning help for everything else.