I Fell off a Balcony

My husband and I decided to stop at a motel about 90 minutes from our house on our way home from a trip. We were both just too tired to continue driving, and it was worth it to rest and avoid any accidents. The irony of this is that I was injured at the motel we stayed at. After checking in, we went to the balcony just to get some fresh air, and I ended up falling off it because of a railing that let loose. We ended up having to hire a personal injury attorney in Sacramento, but that was not our first thought.

My husband ran down the steps and out to the parking lot where I had fallen. It was just one story, thankfully, but that was bad enough. I had also fallen into a large bush, which helped to soften the fall, but my injuries were still pretty extensive. Within minutes, there was a lot of activity around me, but I kept going in and out of consciousness so I knew that this was harder on my husband than it was on me. The motel manager met him at the hospital and assured him that they would cooperate in any and every way.

I am sure he meant well, but it was really out of his hands once the corporate people and insurance companies took over. They actually tried to put part of the blame on me! That is when my husband knew we needed some help, because there was not a single thing either of us did to cause this. He researched different law firms, wanting to have the very best since it seemed like a David and Goliath battle ahead of us. It no longer seems that way now that we have Amerio Law fighting for us!