I Got Tranferred to Maryland

I got the word from my supervisor a couple of weeks ago and the company gave me a little bit of money for the move up to Maryland. Of course it is not really that big of a deal since I have been living in Northern Virginia and doing contracting for a different government agency. I wanted to figure out how to get to and from the office first and then find the most convenient Silver Spring apartments for rent (obviously taking other factors into it). At any rate that did not take very long, but it was really just a matter of luck. When I was at work this girl walked up to me and asked me if I had found a place to live. She was quite easy to look at and I certainly would have preferred it if she had wanted me to move in with her, but instead she was wondering if I wanted to take the second bedroom in her brother’s apartment.

Apparently there was a real story behind how this young man came to need a roommate. The place was basically right down the street from my office, it would have been a very good walk, but not something that you could not have done. At any rate the former roommate had become obsessed with a girl, one who barely knew that he existed. He announced his existence in a spectacularly creepy way, the sort of thing that gets you arrested. It looks as though he is going to end up being sent to a mental health facility at the end of the day. Either way it worked out quite well for me. The rent is not too bad at all, not when you are splitting it with another guy and I get along fine with this guy.