I Have Moved in with My Girlfriend

It took me quite awhile to get this job and I am pretty much already looking for a new one. I am not working for the government, but the government is pretty much paying the freight in the end of it all. The new budget may well change all of that. In fact things would be going great for me if it were not for the uncertainty about the job. I am living with my girlfriend for free at the moment, she has one of these lovely luxury apartments in Towson MD. Of course I had no idea when I started to date her while I was a senior at VCU, but she and her family are really rich. They have some sort of thing in the stock market, a brokerage of some sort. It is pretty lucrative from the way I hear it, but of course she is not really involved. She works in the State Department.

That is actually a good job if you want to eat for free. We get invited to different things about two or three times a week. It is usually pretty boring, but they always have plenty to eat and it is usually really good. I am not opposed to a free meal, even though I really feel out of place at these things. The other night we went to the Canadian embassy, but a lot of the people there were speaking other languages. Most of them were speaking French, but I did not recognize many of the languages. Of course Jane speaks half a dozen languages, so she can converse freely with all sorts of people. That is her value in the State Department, a person who speaks a lot of languages is always going to be a valuable asset to them.