I Still Have to Get Some Stuff Done

At the moment I am actually living in the same place that I am working, in truth you could probably live your entire life within the boundaries of this property. It is not anything like any of the places that I have ever worked at, there is an enormous casino and a resort. Obviously they have a hotel and they have an enormous kitchen where I am in charge of a number of other people, we cook for hordes of people every morning. Tomorrow I am going to look at an apartment for rent in Las Vegas. Actually one of the other chefs wants me to look at it. The guy who used to have my job also used to share the apartment with him. It is not a really bad place when you look at the web page, it is a really sweet looking pool and they have one of the things that I really like. A big work out facility that they describe as a state of the art facility.

I am quite happy with the job, the pay is very good and so far everyone is working together great. It is a big change from the place where I was working in Florida. There my boss was constantly interfering in my work and yelling at the people who work under me. It is not that way here and best of all, every one of the people who I have in my staff are really good at what they do. They have nearly all been here for a very long time and they all do what they need to do, mostly without me having to give them orders. It is a big deal to have competent people under you and that makes my life a great deal easier obviously.