I’m Making Changes to My Home to Make It Nicer

When I first set out to by a home, I had a few ideas of what I wanted in a long-term place to live. But for the most part, I was rather young back then, and I really did not have much experience in what to look for. I wanted a nice fireplace and a yard, and that’s about all I thought of. As I grew older and visited a variety of homes, I saw many things like sunrooms and decks that I really wanted to have as well.

I’m pretty good about saving my money, and this means that I have put a lot of money away over the years. I learned how to be a cheapskate and still be able to live well. Every little single penny that I saved on buying things, I turned around and put that into savings. To illustrate this, you only have to look to see what people in the coupon community to. They figure out how to stack coupons at the different stores to make the most of the savings they make from their coupons. If I bought $40 worth of groceries, but only paid $15 thanks to all the coupons that I used, I put all of that savings into the bank. I made it into a game to see just how much I could save. It served me well.

By the time I hit 30 years of age, I had enough money saved to allow me to easily renovate my very basic home. I knew that I wanted a deck, and that was easy enough to do. I was able to do that myself without getting any outside professional help. That allowed me to save money. But to get a sunroom installed on my home, I made sure to call pros. They did a beautiful job.