Just Started Work on the New House

My cousin Vince is the one who found this place for me. It about half a dozen blocks from where he lives and he was looking at buying it for a flipping project, but he was not sure that he could get the finances. He is already working on this place. Of course he knows what he is doing and he gave me a list of the things that I need to do. One of the first things is to get an exterminator in NYC to come in and find out what he needs to do. The place has some bugs and maybe some rodents, but that is something that you have to hire someone else to do. Obviously you want to get it done before the real work starts. They are going to try to poison all of the nasty creatures and you do not want to do that while you are trying to live there.

The place is not really in very bad shape, but it is surely a sore sight to look at it. The place was not very well maintained by the previous owner, who was apparently very elderly and in poor health for a very long time. I have been thinking very hard about what I need to do and how to do it in the proper order. The goal is to make the place habitable in as short a time as is possible. I have an apartment now, but I can move out any time that I like and I have already started to move out of the place. Right now I am going to get the bathroom working the way that it needs and fix up the main bedroom. Once I get a place to sleep the rest of it is not as important..