Low Refrigerant and Dirty Coils Had Our AC Blowing Warm Air

When we moved here we had a couple of window air conditioners. One was in the bedroom, and the other one was in the living room. We worked hard to be able to buy this old house. We have been renovating it ever since. We bought it soon after we were married. We have two children and central air now. The kids are 12 and 15, and the AC started blowing warm air during a hot week in July. We called a local company that does air conditioner repair in NYC to come out and take a look at the system. The company that installed it was no longer in business.

We never did anything to the system since we had it installed other than to keep the fall leaves from gathering around the unit with the fan on the outside of the house out back. It seemed to be blowing air that was not as cold for about a week. Then it was just warm air. The volume of air would be high after we let it set for a few hours, then it would slow down and be nothing but warm air. The tech had called us back on his cell phone and said he knew what the problem was. He had it working not long after he arrived. It had been off for about five hours.

He accessed the coils inside that sat in an A shape just on top of the furnace. The blower motor for the furnace also blew the air for the air conditioner. There was still ice on the coils. He cleaned the indoor coils that were really dirty. Then he checked the refrigerant level in the central air system. It was a little low. He said it probably had a very slow leak, and that we may need to top it off again in a few months or maybe next year. He said we might want to have the leak repaired or invest in a new system with a warranty when this one finally goes. Now it is working fine again, but we are saving for a new one in a year or so.