My Kid Has a New Found Love for Physics

Taking my child to the Bukit Timah tuition centre turned out to be the best decision my wife and I made. He’s getting ready to take some very important exams at a school and he absolutely needed a lot of help in the subject of physics, which is admittedly one of the hardest subjects in school for most kids. My son can coast through most of his other subjects, but he comes to a skidding halt when it comes to anything related to this science topic. It was certainly one of my problem areas in school.

You’re either born with the knowledge to do well in this topic or you’re not, or at least that was how I always thought about it. I had a friend back in school who just excelled naturally at it. He actually works in the field today due to his natural talent for physics. When I discussed my child’s problems with the subject with him a few weeks ago, he suggested a really good tutor who has an office at a nearby shopping centre. He said this guy really knows his stuff and has an ability to get almost anyone to understand the material.

I did some research online and he did seem to have a list of amazing credentials. If you wanted anyone to teach your child how to pass a physics test, this guy is certainly the person you would want to hire. Even though my child still didn’t have a positive attitude going into the tutoring session, I felt pretty confident he would come away with the tools needed to do very well on the exam. Not only did that prove true in the end, my son also came away with an actual fondness for the material. He both understood it and appreciated it. You can’t beat that kind of tutoring.