My Mom Came Home to a Clean House

My parents decided to go on one of those cruises that takes you around the world. They were gone for nearly two months, and I really missed them. I was so happy they were finally doing something for themselves though because they usually devote all of their time, money and resources to helping other people out. They were due home, and I wanted to find a company that would do a one time cleaning service for Singapore residents. My mom had cleaned before she left, but it would be nearly two months of no one really being there, so I knew that a fresh cleaning was needed.

She had told me that she would take care of it when she got home, but the last thing I wanted her to have to deal with was cleaning their seven room home. I know my mom and she would not stop until the entire house was clean. That is why I wanted her to be able to walk in the front door and see that it was already done for her. I knew there were cleaning companies around, but I had never used one before. I asked a few friends, and two of them recommended that I look at Rawah Cleaning.

I went to their website and was pleased with everything that I saw there. I saw the different services that they offer, and I knew that they would be able to get the house to my mom’s cleaning standards. My mom is so intense with her cleaning that she could run her own cleaning business! I arranged for them to clean the house the day before my parents were due home, but I did not tell them. When they walked through the front door, I could tell that my mom was so happy to see that it was done already!