My New Home is Singapore

I’ve been living in Singapore for the past few months and I really like it. It’s a pretty unique country that has a different way of doing things than my home country, but that just makes it great. Before I came, a friend of mine recommended that I go to to find a great place to live by the sea. I’ve been land locked all my life, so living by the sea sounded like a chance that I didn’t want to pass up. I rented a single bedroom suite in the residence and booked my tickets to Singapore.

As soon as I landed in Singapore, I just had to get to one of the local restaurants and try out their cuisine. I always do this first whenever I go to a new place, mostly because I’m hungry, but also because I want to see how the locals prepare their food and make use of the ingredients that are native to their area. There are some foods that I just can’t find in my part of the world, so to be able to eat them is a treat for me. I had a hearty meal at a local restaurant, and it was quite cheap too. Usually for the same portion, in my home country I would have to pay more.

After the meal, I headed to residence to put my things away in the living area. I thought the inside of the residence looked big on the website, but in person it’s even bigger. When I saw it, it was like looking into the inside of a mansion. It’s amazing that for the low price that I paid for the single bedroom, I was given so much room to use. I’m considering moving all of my things to Singapore and living there permanently.