My New Life with Jenny

A couple of months ago, I decided to make a big decision in my life. I finally proposed marriage to my girlfriend of four years Jenny. She happily accepted and has agreed to be my wife. I was so happy that she accepted my proposal. We both were about to graduate from college with high prospects for the future. We wanted to have our own place to call home. It was time for us to make our mark in the world. We searched for North Charleston apartments to find a place for us to live our new lives together.

I first met Jenny in college. She helped tutor me in statistics. When we first locked eyes, I felt her warm presence. I knew that I had to make her mine. Little did I know, she felt the same way about me. We were a perfect match for each other.

Jenny and I decided that we wanted to move into an apartment. We felt that it would be more affordable for us considered our financial situation at the time. We only had a limited budget to find a place together. We could have asked our parents for the money, but we wanted to be independent. As adult, we had to make our own decisions and calls in life.

My fiancee and I had expectations for the perfect apartment that we wanted. First, we wanted a place that was very secure. We needed to be assured that we were safe in our home. Once, our dorm building was burglarized. Jenny was so scared. I wanted a place that would give her safety and piece of mind. Second, I wanted a place that was very reasonable for our budget. We wanted something frugal, but not shoddy.

We found a new building o live. It is very roomy for us. Our bedrooms have enough closet spaces for us to use. We both fell in love with it on first sight.