My Railroad Job Does a Job on My Back

You know that song about working on the railroad? Well, I actually do that for a living. I am not an engineer who drives the trains. I am the guy who does the heavy lifting fixing the miles and miles of track. I use big and small machines and have to do everything from manually dig to even welding rails. There is a tremendous amount of lifting, bending and stooping. I would not be able to keep my job if it were not for my chiropractor in Sacramento that I go to at least a couple of times per month. When I really aggravate my back, I go a couple or three times per week.

The relief I get beats any pill or muscle rub. Sometimes I go it is just for extreme muscle fatigue. Other times it is nerve pain from a subluxation of a vertebra. When the pain shoots down my leg into my foot, I know it is sciatica pain. An adjustment fixes that right up. I really despise the burning electrical kind of pain of sciatica. It feels like lightning igniting gasoline that shoots all the way down my leg into my big toe. If you have never felt it, you will know it the first time it happens. It can grab you so fast it will make you jump out of your seat.

When I have to spend all day on a tiny seat running a machine on the rails, I get numbness in my left leg that actually hurts. I can tell it is nerve compression, and it takes a visit to my Sacramento chiropractor to get some relief. I like it that I can make an appointment to be seen fast. I have called at lunch and been able to go in at the end of my shift for an adjustment. I need that to get back to work the next day.