Two Phones on a Shared Account

The very first time I purchased a phone, I didn’t know much about carriers and the options that were out there. I really should’ve done a better job of researching my options, but I was just a kid. Now that I’m an adult, I’ve decided that I would like to change carriers. My girlfriend is on a different carrier than me, and we discovered that being on the same carrier and the same account will save us a bit of money. The problem is, I don’t want to buy a new phone. I really love my iPhone, and it works perfectly. I’ve always taken really great care of my electronic devices. Continue reading Two Phones on a Shared Account

An Email Marketing Campaign That is Easy

I wanted to take my company in a new direction, which meant a new marketing plan was needed. I have always used direct mailing campaigns before, but I was targeting a different demographic this time around. While I know a little about marketing, I knew next to nothing when it comes to online marketing tactics. I wanted to try an email campaign though, so I went online and did a search for the best email marketing services. I wanted to find a company that would be able to help me since I had never done one before.

What I found was actually better than that though. I was able to find a website that lists the top ten companies for their email marketing software packages. I thought that I was going to have to hire a company to do this for me, but it turns out that I was able to handle all of it on my own. Continue reading An Email Marketing Campaign That is Easy

The Curious Want to Know Who Will Marry Elsy

Watching those celebrity shows is like watching a train wreck. You cannot stop once you tune in. It sure does satisfy the curious nature people have about other people, especially ones who are celebrities or at least interesting. My recent surprise was when the Brangelina duo had their break. I remember when they were implying they would not even get married. Then they got married and now are splitting up. On the Hollywood shows, they go from that to who is getting married without missing a beat. I was wondering who will marry Elsy, but I was not finding her story on the TV shows since the megastar status was not yet part of her resume. So, I looked her up online.

So far there are just Facebook posts about shopping and traveling. I read a hotel recommendation and a post about a store she does not recommend her fans shop at. However, there is not a peep about who will marry Elsy yet. Maybe it is hidden somewhere deep in a social media video or post that I am not seeing. Plus, I am trying to figure out her connection to Freddy Haddad. Continue reading The Curious Want to Know Who Will Marry Elsy

Online Tool for Making Paystubs

I have operated this small business for two years now, and it is finally starting to grow. Well that is not exactly the right way to put it, because it is more than just starting to grow. It is growing pretty quickly at the moment, and I was forced to hire some employees for the first time. I had ran it by myself from the onset until 3 days ago. Now I need to see if I can look up a paystub maker on the internet that I will be able to use to generate accurate and official paystubs for the employees when it is time for them to get their first checks.

I am kind of nervous about being an employer, because it is a leap into something that I do not know much about. Luckily, one of my best friends has owned a small business with about 10 employees for years and I am going to lean heavily on him for advice. He might even get sick of me, for all the advice I am going to ask him. Continue reading Online Tool for Making Paystubs

We Have Lived in Apartments Since We Were Married Years Ago and Like It

My wife and I have always liked apartment living. In all of our years together we have never owned a home. I have relatives who tell me horror stories of living in apartments where they had nothing but trouble. My brother says he would not live in a place where you could not hammer a nail to hang a picture. Well, I live in a place where someone will hang them for me. So what’s the big deal? Anyway, we moved a year or so ago to new apartments in Cordova. We wanted to have a place with privacy gates and remote control access. Plus, we wanted a swimming pool. The new apartment has that and so much more.

They have a really nice clubhouse, garages and a fitness center. We go there at least three times per week to work out. It is so much better than having to drive to a gym. Continue reading We Have Lived in Apartments Since We Were Married Years Ago and Like It

I Am Picky when It Comes to Apartments

I am not a picky person when it comes to most things. However, when it comes to where I will live, I want certain things that I am just not willing to compromise on. I am the type of person who is completely happy living in an apartment, but I have certain standards for the ones I will live in. When I decided to move, I did an online search for an apartment for rent in Cordova TN so I could narrow down the list easier. I knew that I would be able to find out the features and details of the different complexes right from their website.

The main thing I needed was a management team that takes their responsibilities seriously. Continue reading I Am Picky when It Comes to Apartments

Teaching a Canary How to Sing Songs

If you have a pet canary, you should know that you can teach it all kinds of things. Birds are really smart. However, they really need to bond with you and trust you completely. This takes a huge amount of patience. Birds will snuggle you and want to be close to you if you are patient with them and take care of them. Canaries can even be taught to mimic a few words. They are not as good at it as parrots, but they are pretty amazing little learners. If they are quiet, you can teach your canary to sing by playing canary song CDs over and over again. They will hear the wild songs and start to sing.

Birds are wonderful at learning new things. A crow can recognize a person who threatens them. They do not forget. I have heard that an adult macaw is about the same as a two-year old child. Continue reading Teaching a Canary How to Sing Songs

Professional Development is Very Important

I own a company and I understand that my employees may get stale in their computer skills. I think that many of them are afraid of new programs that come out, because I am always looking for the next best thing to make their jobs easier and more importantly, more productive. In order for them to be very efficient, they have to make sure that they go to professional development courses offered by local schools. Learning things like the base plate design spreadsheet is very important because it can allow my employees to use the program to their advantage.

My friends and family said that it must be very hard to work for me because I have so much pride in my company. I built it from the age of twenty and it was just me in my bedroom. Now I have forty full time employees that work for me and seven who are part time, we have a large office space. Continue reading Professional Development is Very Important

Making the Best of Company Training Video Production

We had plenty of raw footage. We just needed a company to put it together into training videos we could have produced into DVDs we could use. We turned to a company that does video production in Singapore for help. We had excellent footage for each training segment we wanted to cover. The video and audio quality was excellent. We used our own trainers and employee talent in the production. We hired professional photographers, videographers and sound and lighting engineers for all of the footage. A continuity person kept track of every scene. The hours of digital video needed graphics and editing into training DVDs.

It is not hard working with a company halfway around the world. Videoconferencing makes it just like we are in the same room together. Continue reading Making the Best of Company Training Video Production

A Photo Editing App That Has It All

My son loves to take pictures and edit them to make something funny. He uses a variety of different programs because each one does something different. When I asked him why he doesn’t just use an app that has all of what he wants in it, he told me that something like that doesn’t exist. Well, that started me thinking, because I knew that others must be feeling the same way. I talked with him for several days about what he wants, then I did a search for a company that does mobile app development in Singapore.

I knew that companies like this existed, and I was fortunate to find one not far from where we are. I knew that it would cost money to get this started, but I also knew that it was an incredible learning experience for my son too. Continue reading A Photo Editing App That Has It All

Today’s Product Manufacturing is Operated on a Massive Scale

Weighing stuff in any industry can be tough. When it comes to weighing things, you might think of yourself standing on the bathroom scale. That is pretty easy to do. It is just you, and it only takes a couple of seconds. Now imagine you needed to weigh 10,000 people a day and it took five seconds to weigh each person. That would make for a long day with only one scale. In manufacturing and industrial applications electronic scales that use things such as shear beam load cells that are connected to computers running weighing software are faster. No one needs to write down anything. Each product is labeled, scanned, weighed, tabulated and packaged.

The old spring scales with analog dials were great for precision weighing on a small scale. Digital scales that are standalone units are great for small volume too. Continue reading Today’s Product Manufacturing is Operated on a Massive Scale

Low Refrigerant and Dirty Coils Had Our AC Blowing Warm Air

When we moved here we had a couple of window air conditioners. One was in the bedroom, and the other one was in the living room. We worked hard to be able to buy this old house. We have been renovating it ever since. We bought it soon after we were married. We have two children and central air now. The kids are 12 and 15, and the AC started blowing warm air during a hot week in July. We called a local company that does air conditioner repair in NYC to come out and take a look at the system. The company that installed it was no longer in business.

We never did anything to the system since we had it installed other than to keep the fall leaves from gathering around the unit with the fan on the outside of the house out back. Continue reading Low Refrigerant and Dirty Coils Had Our AC Blowing Warm Air

Wealth Where You Least Expect

It seems like every week, there is some kind of new plan for people to make as much money as possible. A lot of the ones that I’ve seen have been in the form of an infomercial that comes on late at night when no one is really watching television. These infomercials have fast talking salesmen that act like they’ve been drinking too much coffee. Most recently, I came across a plan called Wealthy Affiliate. Occasionally I will take time to do research on these plans to see which ones are legitimate, so I looked for Wealthy Affiliate reviews.

Much to my surprises, the reviews for the latest plan were actually positive. I thought there had to be some kind of a catch involved. The possibility crossed my mind that the reviews were simply from the people who created the product, trying to make it look better than it actually was. I also thought that maybe they paid people to write positive reviews. Still, I was curious enough to actually give it a shot. Continue reading Wealth Where You Least Expect

Expanding Your Job Search with a Targeted Resume Distribution Service

Although the economy has rebounded significantly and many companies are hiring on a regular basis, it can still be difficult to get a new job. This can be true for those just coming out of college, those with several years of experience, and managers and executives with a wealth of experience that have almost always been in demand in the past. The job market is as competitive as ever and it can take unique approaches to get noticed by employers and recruiters. Although not for right for every job candidate, using a resume distribution service is an option for many to consider, especially those with managerial and executive-level experience or anyone who would consider getting a position through a professional recruiter.

A resume distribution service works essentially by circulating your resume around to key people in decision making positions at executive search firms, recruiting companies, boutique search firms, and also directly to regular companies. Instead of going through the typical channels to search for a job, instead you would be trying in and get a guaranteed look at your resume for positions where your skill set matches. These targeted distribution services don’t send your resume out to every one, but focus it to your industry for more optimal results.

Although this shouldn’t replace a typical job search because it is circulated to people who may or may not have the right fit for you at that moment, it is a great way to supplement your search for those interested in going above and beyond to find the right position. It is also an ideal way to get your resume in front of key decision makers at companies and with executive recruiters. Even if you are not a good fit right now, they create databases of resumes for when something might fit down the line. It’s a good opportunity for many to consider if a typical job search isn’t going as well as you like.

I’m Making Changes to My Home to Make It Nicer

When I first set out to by a home, I had a few ideas of what I wanted in a long-term place to live. But for the most part, I was rather young back then, and I really did not have much experience in what to look for. I wanted a nice fireplace and a yard, and that’s about all I thought of. As I grew older and visited a variety of homes, I saw many things like sunrooms and decks that I really wanted to have as well.

I’m pretty good about saving my money, and this means that I have put a lot of money away over the years. I learned how to be a cheapskate and still be able to live well. Continue reading I’m Making Changes to My Home to Make It Nicer

The Perfect Condo for Us

When my fiance and I decided to start looking for a place to live once we are married, we both knew that we wanted to look at the website. We have a couple of friends who were able to find exactly what they were looking for by looking at this website, and we figured we would have the same experience there. After dinner one evening before I headed home, we brought up the site on her laptop and started looking at the different properties that were showcased on it.

We both work in the same area, so we knew that we wanted to get into a condo development that was in the same region. There were several, and we both really liked what we saw with High Park Residences. The development is massive as it consists of 14 blocks at a staggering 25 stories each. That means there are nearly 1400 units total, with an overwhelming majority of them being for residents. Continue reading The Perfect Condo for Us

Freeing Up Time and Paying for House Cleaning in Tampa FL

A lot of my relatives tell me that getting someone to clean their houses is not affordable. I sit them down and do the math to prove that it is. We first discuss how many hours per week are spent cleaning the house. We include every minute the couple share in cleaning tasks. It adds up to several hours per week. Then we talk about how much they make in overtime pay. Then we look at the costs for house cleaning in Tampa FL where we live. The overtime pay they could be earning instead of spending those hours cleaning their houses is often much more than the cost for cleaning services. In other words, they can make money by paying someone to clean their houses. Continue reading Freeing Up Time and Paying for House Cleaning in Tampa FL

I Feel Good with Help from These Ingenious Tools

When I was around 6 years old, I remember wanting my hair to grow really long. I wanted to have a pony tail like many of the other girls did in my first grade class room. My mom told me that I should let my hair grow as long as I could, because women who are black often have slow-growing hair. I promised her that I would try to not cut it for as long as I could. Now that I am older, I find that is not always something I can do, so I get afro kinky human hair extensions to put in. It really offers me a good solution.

Women of other races have the luck of hair that grows much faster than mine does. Continue reading I Feel Good with Help from These Ingenious Tools

More Information on Texas Energy Options

As I am going to be moving to Texas in the near future, to attend school, I think it would be good to figure out the energy company that I am going to use to get power in my apartment. That is an important decision, and it is one that really needs to be made quite soon. I want to have the power turned on in advance of me actually moving in. So I have taken to the internet to view more information about the various energy companies that exist in the state of Texas, and the types of rates that they have for their electricity.

Of course, I am very concerned about the price, and I do not like to overpay for anything. So I am probably going to go with a company that has the lowest price out there. But due to the competition in the market, I kind of expect for multiple companies to have the same prices as the other companies, and that just seems fairly reasonable to assume. But I don’t know, maybe it is not the case. Continue reading More Information on Texas Energy Options

Watching TV from Any Room in the House

I am a certified couch potato. I have friends, and we do go out from time to time. I am most comfortable sitting at home though after a long day at work and just chilling in front of my TV set. When I moved here nearly a year ago, one of the first things I did was some research on what my best option was to get television programming. I went to which is a website that detailed all of my options. It basically came down to having to choose between cable and satellite programming, and satellite television was the easy winner between the two.

What I liked best was the equipment. The programming that I like was available on both services, but only Directv has the equipment that is perfect for my needs. I really like that I can record from any of the three rooms that I have a TV in, and I can also watch it in any room. The space on the DVR is also a lot bigger than what I can get from the cable company. Continue reading Watching TV from Any Room in the House