Professional Development is Very Important

I own a company and I understand that my employees may get stale in their computer skills. I think that many of them are afraid of new programs that come out, because I am always looking for the next best thing to make their jobs easier and more importantly, more productive. In order for them to be very efficient, they have to make sure that they go to professional development courses offered by local schools. Learning things like the base plate design spreadsheet is very important because it can allow my employees to use the program to their advantage.

My friends and family said that it must be very hard to work for me because I have so much pride in my company. I built it from the age of twenty and it was just me in my bedroom. Now I have forty full time employees that work for me and seven who are part time, we have a large office space. While I may be very serious about my work, I am different with my employees. I treat my employees better than my relatives. I know that this sounds very strange but I have a reason for this.

My employees are with me for about forty hours per week. I am with them more than I am with my family during hours we are awake during the week. I feel like if I treat them like they are my family, and with respect then they may produce better work because they feel loyal, and like they are going to be part of something bigger by working with me. I am very flexible with time off and I understand when it comes to sick children. I have been there and I always cut my employees a break, they respect me for this reason alone.