Scrap Copper Can Really Add Up

My husband works in construction, and he has told me about the amount of waste that he has seen on different job sites that he visits. He has especially seen this with copper, because the price of scrap copper can make it quite worthwhile to collect as much scrap as possible to sell it to a scrap metal dealer. He asked his boss if it would be okay to start taking the scrap copper metal home with him after a job was done, and his boss had no problem with that. If he did not take it, then the owner of the property would just end up throwing it out or making money on it.

His boss did not think it was worth it to sell the scrap metal to a dealer because he thought that it would probably break him even. My husband had looked up the price of copper though, and he knew that he would be able to add to what he brings home by doing this as well. Since he had permission, we started doing it together. He would bring it home with him, and I would help him unload it into a spare shed we have on our property.

Once every month or so, we will look at the different dealers in our area that buy scrap metal. We know that some of them change their prices to remain competitive, and we like to make sure that we are selling the scrap copper to the scrap yard that is paying the most at that particular time. While my husband will not be able to quit his job, this extra income has made it possible to pay off some credit card debt and other bills, which has been a huge blessing to us. I hope that we can continue to do this for a long time!