Starting over in Miami Beach

I recently got divorced after being married for eight years. Things just didn’t work out and we amicably parted ways last month. It was very quick and easy since we did not have any children. Now I feel like I need to spread my wings a bit and do something I’ve always wanted to do. I’m going to start over and move to Miami Beach. This is a big step toward the next adventure in my life. My next step is to find an apartment for rent in Miami Beach as soon as possible.

I did like most people would do and did a search on the internet and made a list of possibilities. I needed to find one that was affordable and in a safe neighborhood. Some were eliminated immediately as soon as I read the reviews on them. This narrowed my list down drastically and left me with several that had good potential. The community at the top of my list was the one that I was most impressed with. The apartments were modern and up to date and some even had a view of the bay. I really hope one of those is available to rent.

I was astonished that they had three bay side swimming pools and could picture myself spending lots of time at any one of them. The community grills will be very handy since I love to cook out. They also have a fully equipped fitness area that is open 24 hours so I will not need to join a gym. So far I like everything I’ve seen on the website. I want to look into this place a lot further and am going to call and set up an appointment to take a look. This is going to be an exciting new adventure for me that I can’t wait to start.