Teaching a Canary How to Sing Songs

If you have a pet canary, you should know that you can teach it all kinds of things. Birds are really smart. However, they really need to bond with you and trust you completely. This takes a huge amount of patience. Birds will snuggle you and want to be close to you if you are patient with them and take care of them. Canaries can even be taught to mimic a few words. They are not as good at it as parrots, but they are pretty amazing little learners. If they are quiet, you can teach your canary to sing by playing canary song CDs over and over again. They will hear the wild songs and start to sing.

Birds are wonderful at learning new things. A crow can recognize a person who threatens them. They do not forget. I have heard that an adult macaw is about the same as a two-year old child. Some people realize the bond that can be had between a person and a bird. I have heard of some bird owners taking naps with their feathered friends. They can be very precious if you take care of them and treat them with an incredible amount of patience, love and respect.

Birds can be nervous. They have a lot of predators. If you treat them in a manner where they feel safe, they will warm up to you. They can form deep relationships with certain people. Their primary caregiver is likely to be their strongest bond. If you were there when they hatched and they imprinted on you, then that is even better. I don’t know if you can train your canary to do a circus act, but it is not hard to teach your canary to sing. Just be patient and repetitive. Your friend will progress over time.