The Band is out on the Road

Of course I am wearing way too many hats right now. At night I play the drums, but I also deal with the club owners and those guys do not always like to pay up at the end of the day. Today I have been working to fix our web page, which is a really big deal since the band had to change names because of this legal nonsense. Some other band in Ohio had the name we were using under trademark. At any rate a place that does seo in Philippines is trying to fix it so that we get more people to our site. Unfortunately we had invested a lot of money and effort in the old band name and losing it was a big deal. We tried to work something out, but these people were looking to stick it to us for the name. It does not seem as though they are even active any more and I think the people suing us might be what you call a patent troll.

At any rate we are going from one college town to the next now. We already have a strong base in the Mid South. We started out in Northern Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia and since then we have been expanding into big clubs everywhere from Georgia to Massachusetts and sometimes we got into the center of the country. Right now we are going to try out the roadhouse circuit in Florida. The promoter is really mad about the name change, because he had already done the advertising and we were using our old name. Now we are going to show up using a name that no one has ever heard of. We could not do much about it though, the fight just was not worth the cost.