The Curious Want to Know Who Will Marry Elsy

Watching those celebrity shows is like watching a train wreck. You cannot stop once you tune in. It sure does satisfy the curious nature people have about other people, especially ones who are celebrities or at least interesting. My recent surprise was when the Brangelina duo had their break. I remember when they were implying they would not even get married. Then they got married and now are splitting up. On the Hollywood shows, they go from that to who is getting married without missing a beat. I was wondering who will marry Elsy, but I was not finding her story on the TV shows since the megastar status was not yet part of her resume. So, I looked her up online.

So far there are just Facebook posts about shopping and traveling. I read a hotel recommendation and a post about a store she does not recommend her fans shop at. However, there is not a peep about who will marry Elsy yet. Maybe it is hidden somewhere deep in a social media video or post that I am not seeing. Plus, I am trying to figure out her connection to Freddy Haddad. There is a Haddad mentioned in one of her social media posts, but it is not Frederic Haddad. He is all over the Internet because he is a web marketing specialist. I’m curious now to know the association. Does Elsy have a boyfriend we are not aware of yet? Is he family and knows the secret of who will marry Elsy?

I guess I will just have to wait and find out, just like I will wait and see how the Brangelina saga plays out. Sure, I could have a more productive hobby, but at least this one does not cost me money. It is just filling the curiosity bowl with new food to satiate those cravings to know what celebrities, world travelers and others who live lifestyles far apart from mine are up to.