Very Affordable Apartments in Deland Made It Possible for Us to Have a Second Home in Florida

We wanted a winter home, but it was not in our budget by a long shot. However, we wondered what it would be like to rent a nice apartment year round to live in. We checked out apartments in Deland and found a place that was super affordable. We could afford to keep our home up north and have a southern place to stay at when the snow flies. We work for ourselves running a business back home that shuts down when it gets cold. We earn our annual income from May to November. The rental costs for the apartments at Applewood made it so we could afford a second home.

We have friends who pay for a condo in Florida, or buy one of those park model trailers and put it in an RV park. That is much more expensive than our apartment option. The nice thing is that the property is maintained year round, so we do not have to worry about landscaping or anything. The apartment management gets their rent money, and we are the quietest neighbors there are for about five or six months out of each year. We look forward to when November comes and we drive down and stay at the apartments in Deland.

This is easier than actually having a second home where you have to pay for everything from someone to mow the lawn to someone to check on the property for you while you are gone. We have super neighbors who we gave a key to. They check on the place for us when we are not there. They get us a nice fruit basket every year when we are arriving for our winter stay. They even dust and vacuum so everything is fresh from the first moment of our arrival. This is how we are able to afford our second home in Florida.