We Finally Have an Apartment Where We Have a Guestroom and Guest Bath

Over the last few year the apartment complex where we were living at had declined. The management just was not keeping things up, and we had a few neighbors that we actually did not care for. My wife and I started looking for new apartments in Sandy Utah a few months before our lease was up. We wanted to move into a brand new apartment in a new area. We wanted something close to the Summit Academy High School. We found Beacon Hill Apartments, and were impressed by the floor plans that were available. We were able to afford a four-bedroom apartment with three bathrooms!

As soon as we signed the lease, we could not wait to pack up and move out of our old place. However, we took our time and did it right. We sold our refrigerator because the new apartment provided one. We went and purchased a washer and dryer for our new apartment. It has laundry hookups! I cannot express in words how nice it is to not have to lug things to a laundromat or laundry room. We can just throw a load in the laundry now at any time we like. We are also doing pretty good with our new neighbors. The new construction makes for a much quieter apartment complex. Those old apartments let you hear everything your neighbors do and say, and I think that is a source of a lot of contention, especially since I like it quiet.

We have big granite countertops in our roomy kitchen, and the appliances are black and look really stylish along with the color of the granite. I like the big windows and finally having more than one bathroom. Our daughter has her own bathroom, and we have the Master bath. The other one is next to the guest room. We are using one bedroom as an office for my consulting job. We are living within our means, and we finally have a nice place where we have no complaints.