We Have Lived in Apartments Since We Were Married Years Ago and Like It

My wife and I have always liked apartment living. In all of our years together we have never owned a home. I have relatives who tell me horror stories of living in apartments where they had nothing but trouble. My brother says he would not live in a place where you could not hammer a nail to hang a picture. Well, I live in a place where someone will hang them for me. So what’s the big deal? Anyway, we moved a year or so ago to new apartments in Cordova. We wanted to have a place with privacy gates and remote control access. Plus, we wanted a swimming pool. The new apartment has that and so much more.

They have a really nice clubhouse, garages and a fitness center. We go there at least three times per week to work out. It is so much better than having to drive to a gym. This is luxury living for us, and it is very affordable too. My brother talks about neighbors being too close when you live in an apartment. We do not have a problem with that. People work and are busy. You barely see your neighbors. You can make friends and hang out together if you want, or you can be solitary and not be bothered. Your neighbor may be just beyond the wall, but the walls in new apartment buildings really give you that sound privacy you want. I think it is better than what you get in homes in the suburbs.

We have a private balcony, and we have a full size washer and dryer. Not those tiny things you usually get in apartments. It is really nice here. Everything is super clean and new, and that is just the way we like it. There is maintenance available around the clock. If you are a homeowner, you have to fix things yourself or call for a professional. We just call maintenance, and we do not have to pay anything extra. Yes, apartment living has its benefits!