What Really Happened with the King of Pop?

Fondos de Michael Jackson, todo sobre el rey del POP, fotos, imagenes ...Modern culture has been shaped by a number of people. However, in general this tends to come from ordering war or death. It’s a rare figure, indeed, who can unite people through love and peace. It’s also a sad fact that these figures tend to meet tragic and usually violent ends. From Martin Luther King all the way to Jesus, love has been met with violence. However, often times this violence isn’t quite as obvious as people might think. This means that any early death of a peace maker should be examined with extra care.

Perhaps the most notable example is Michael Jackson. Jackson’s role as a social architect might not be apparent at first. However, on closer examination of his life it becomes far more apparent. Rock and pop music have always had a bit of an edge to them. However, Jackson was adamant on keeping a positive message with his music. In a time when people were becoming increasingly scared or angry, he was able to send out a message of kindness and love.

Perhaps even more impressive than the fact that he sent a message of peace, is where that lesson landed. While Jackson was located within the United States, his music quickly became an international phenomenon. To this day, Jackson’s music is an international language. People often even know and love his music in areas where food is scarce.

So on one hand we have a worldwide peacemaker, and on the other we find news of his death. It’s not hard to make some connections and wonder if there might be sinister connotations. “TINI for justice” is a movement that doesn’t have any hard answers. What they do have is some questions. They want to know if justice is being served. They want to know why the doctor responsible for Jackson’s death isn’t behind bars. And most of all they want to know why authorities aren’t looking into the matter with the amount of urgency required. There’s currently a petetion online from TINI which intends to force the hand of justice. The hope is that by putting the petition out there, people will become more aware of the events surrounding Jackson’s life and his death.