When Seeing the Chiropractor is More Than Just for Backaches

Did you know that chiropractors can go to school for more hours than what an MD does? They also are likely to be more highly trained in reading imaging results from things such as xrays, and are likely to spend three or four times the amount of time learning diagnostics. The MD has more hours in pathology, psychiatry, and learning to prescribe medications. A chiropractor does not prescribe medicines. I went to a chiropractor in Campbell CA that was recommended by my DO. That is a Doctor of Osteopathy.

A DO is an MD that has received more training. They know more of how the body is connected as a unit. For example, my DO explained how the pain in my scapula was associated with the digestive issues I was having. I would have probably laughed him out of the room if he was not a medical doctor. However, working that area of my back made me feel sensations all the way down into my lower gut. It was weird, but it worked. Chiropractors know that the body is a bunch of connected systems that work as a whole unit. If you throw one out of whack, then the others follow suit. This is not new news to chiropractors.

The spinal adjustments I have been receiving have been tailored to help me achieve regularity again. I had not changed my diet or exercise, and a bowel workup shows that I am in great health inside my guts. However, constipation was becoming a real problem for me. Getting the adjustments on my back was keeping me as regular as clockwork. Not something I am inclined to share with you if I knew you in person, but I am telling you here so you can see the benefit of going to a chiropractor for more than just a backache.