Who Ever Heard of Golfer’s Elbow?

When a chiropractor in Cumming GA examined my elbow and stated I had what looked like golfer’s elbow, I couldn’t make sense of what they were saying. Golfer’s elbow? What is that? I had heard of tennis elbow, but not anything to do with golfing. Injuring yourself while golfing, however, is quite possible. It is very easy to hurt your back or shoulder if you have a poor form while swinging. Look at Tiger Woods and his serious physical injuries. Hurting yourself playing the sport is a real thing and quite alarming. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to play again.

The chiropractor told me the term is basically the same as tennis elbow in that it involves an injury caused by repetitive movements that put a lot of stress on the joint and the muscle. Age plays into as well, although anyone can get it due to playing a lot. Considering I am sixty and play golf several times a week, it’s no surprise I ended up with this injury. The big question was whether I would have to give up the game for good. I just couldn’t imagine not playing for the rest of my life.

Fortunately, that wouldn’t happen. According to the chiropractor, undergoing several sessions of stretching and pulling would do a lot to heal the condition. They were adamant that I hang up the clubs for several weeks, though, in order to make sure I didn’t aggravate the injury further. After undergoing the first treatment session, I think I am going to be ok. I felt a lot better and much of the pain subsided very quickly. I am cautiously optimistic further treatment will find me back out on the links in no time. I certainly hope so. In the meantime I’m spending my time picking out a new set of clubs!

Having to Wait for Applications to Be Developed

Mobile development for websites can be considered the most important aspect of web design for any website or application. How that application is design is going to vary drastically from platform to platform but it must be able to work across the board. As an end user and not much of a developer myself, I find myself quickly bypassing over applications that do not have cross platform support massive infinity mobile app development. I have multiple devices with multiple operating systems. Everything from MAC, Android to whatever it is that Amazon uses for their own mobile devices. These can vary wildly and often I find that each App Store apparently varies.

It’s like Amazon. Continue reading Having to Wait for Applications to Be Developed

Scrap Copper Can Really Add Up

My husband works in construction, and he has told me about the amount of waste that he has seen on different job sites that he visits. He has especially seen this with copper, because the price of scrap copper can make it quite worthwhile to collect as much scrap as possible to sell it to a scrap metal dealer. He asked his boss if it would be okay to start taking the scrap copper metal home with him after a job was done, and his boss had no problem with that. If he did not take it, then the owner of the property would just end up throwing it out or making money on it.

His boss did not think it was worth it to sell the scrap metal to a dealer because he thought that it would probably break him even. Continue reading Scrap Copper Can Really Add Up

When Seeing the Chiropractor is More Than Just for Backaches

Did you know that chiropractors can go to school for more hours than what an MD does? They also are likely to be more highly trained in reading imaging results from things such as xrays, and are likely to spend three or four times the amount of time learning diagnostics. The MD has more hours in pathology, psychiatry, and learning to prescribe medications. A chiropractor does not prescribe medicines. I went to a chiropractor in Campbell CA that was recommended by my DO. That is a Doctor of Osteopathy.

A DO is an MD that has received more training. They know more of how the body is connected as a unit. For example, my DO explained how the pain in my scapula was associated with the digestive issues I was having. Continue reading When Seeing the Chiropractor is More Than Just for Backaches

I Got Help from a Very Old Friend of Mine

I needed appliance repair in Sacramento immediately. My stokve broke and Thanksgiving was the very next day. I had 18 family members who had already arrived for the big meal that I was preparing. It was too late in the day to find an appliance store open so that I could buy a new one. I had made some things in advance, but I had a fridge full of foods that I had not yet prepared. The thought of all the food going to waste and needing to order a dozen pizzas for our holiday meal was not appealing.

After consulting the phone book and calling 15 different appliance repair businesses, I finally found a company that answered when I called. the man who picked up the phone sounded very tired. In the background, I could hear a lot of people talking. I thought maybe he was at a restaurant at first. I told him why I was calling. he then told me that he understood, he had been watching his wife running around the house trying to get ready for their own Thanksgiving meal. He said that he had 10 family members who had come in just for the occasion. He was willing to help me.

It turned out that the man that I spoke to to that night was someone that I went to college with. It was great to see him and get caught up while he worked on getting my stove running again. My old friend was the owner of the appliance company that I called, and he was doing really well for himself. The fact that he showed up the night before a major holiday spoke volumes about what a good company he runs. I will be sure to use his service the very next time I need someone again.

We Finally Have an Apartment Where We Have a Guestroom and Guest Bath

Over the last few year the apartment complex where we were living at had declined. The management just was not keeping things up, and we had a few neighbors that we actually did not care for. My wife and I started looking for new apartments in Sandy Utah a few months before our lease was up. We wanted to move into a brand new apartment in a new area. We wanted something close to the Summit Academy High School. We found Beacon Hill Apartments, and were impressed by the floor plans that were available. We were able to afford a four-bedroom apartment with three bathrooms!

As soon as we signed the lease, we could not wait to pack up and move out of our old place. However, we took our time and did it right. Continue reading We Finally Have an Apartment Where We Have a Guestroom and Guest Bath

Two Phones on a Shared Account

The very first time I purchased a phone, I didn’t know much about carriers and the options that were out there. I really should’ve done a better job of researching my options, but I was just a kid. Now that I’m an adult, I’ve decided that I would like to change carriers. My girlfriend is on a different carrier than me, and we discovered that being on the same carrier and the same account will save us a bit of money. The problem is, I don’t want to buy a new phone. I really love my iPhone, and it works perfectly. I’ve always taken really great care of my electronic devices. Continue reading Two Phones on a Shared Account

Online Tool for Making Paystubs

I have operated this small business for two years now, and it is finally starting to grow. Well that is not exactly the right way to put it, because it is more than just starting to grow. It is growing pretty quickly at the moment, and I was forced to hire some employees for the first time. I had ran it by myself from the onset until 3 days ago. Now I need to see if I can look up a paystub maker on the internet that I will be able to use to generate accurate and official paystubs for the employees when it is time for them to get their first checks.

I am kind of nervous about being an employer, because it is a leap into something that I do not know much about. Luckily, one of my best friends has owned a small business with about 10 employees for years and I am going to lean heavily on him for advice. He might even get sick of me, for all the advice I am going to ask him. Continue reading Online Tool for Making Paystubs

We Have Lived in Apartments Since We Were Married Years Ago and Like It

My wife and I have always liked apartment living. In all of our years together we have never owned a home. I have relatives who tell me horror stories of living in apartments where they had nothing but trouble. My brother says he would not live in a place where you could not hammer a nail to hang a picture. Well, I live in a place where someone will hang them for me. So what’s the big deal? Anyway, we moved a year or so ago to new apartments in Cordova. We wanted to have a place with privacy gates and remote control access. Plus, we wanted a swimming pool. The new apartment has that and so much more.

They have a really nice clubhouse, garages and a fitness center. We go there at least three times per week to work out. It is so much better than having to drive to a gym. Continue reading We Have Lived in Apartments Since We Were Married Years Ago and Like It

I Am Picky when It Comes to Apartments

I am not a picky person when it comes to most things. However, when it comes to where I will live, I want certain things that I am just not willing to compromise on. I am the type of person who is completely happy living in an apartment, but I have certain standards for the ones I will live in. When I decided to move, I did an online search for an apartment for rent in Cordova TN so I could narrow down the list easier. I knew that I would be able to find out the features and details of the different complexes right from their website.

The main thing I needed was a management team that takes their responsibilities seriously. Continue reading I Am Picky when It Comes to Apartments

Teaching a Canary How to Sing Songs

If you have a pet canary, you should know that you can teach it all kinds of things. Birds are really smart. However, they really need to bond with you and trust you completely. This takes a huge amount of patience. Birds will snuggle you and want to be close to you if you are patient with them and take care of them. Canaries can even be taught to mimic a few words. They are not as good at it as parrots, but they are pretty amazing little learners. If they are quiet, you can teach your canary to sing by playing canary song CDs over and over again. They will hear the wild songs and start to sing.

Birds are wonderful at learning new things. A crow can recognize a person who threatens them. They do not forget. I have heard that an adult macaw is about the same as a two-year old child. Continue reading Teaching a Canary How to Sing Songs

Low Refrigerant and Dirty Coils Had Our AC Blowing Warm Air

When we moved here we had a couple of window air conditioners. One was in the bedroom, and the other one was in the living room. We worked hard to be able to buy this old house. We have been renovating it ever since. We bought it soon after we were married. We have two children and central air now. The kids are 12 and 15, and the AC started blowing warm air during a hot week in July. We called a local company that does air conditioner repair in NYC to come out and take a look at the system. The company that installed it was no longer in business.

We never did anything to the system since we had it installed other than to keep the fall leaves from gathering around the unit with the fan on the outside of the house out back. Continue reading Low Refrigerant and Dirty Coils Had Our AC Blowing Warm Air

Expanding Your Job Search with a Targeted Resume Distribution Service

Although the economy has rebounded significantly and many companies are hiring on a regular basis, it can still be difficult to get a new job. This can be true for those just coming out of college, those with several years of experience, and managers and executives with a wealth of experience that have almost always been in demand in the past. The job market is as competitive as ever and it can take unique approaches to get noticed by employers and recruiters. Although not for right for every job candidate, using a resume distribution service is an option for many to consider, especially those with managerial and executive-level experience or anyone who would consider getting a position through a professional recruiter.

A resume distribution service works essentially by circulating your resume around to key people in decision making positions at executive search firms, recruiting companies, boutique search firms, and also directly to regular companies. Instead of going through the typical channels to search for a job, instead you would be trying in and get a guaranteed look at your resume for positions where your skill set matches. These targeted distribution services don’t send your resume out to every one, but focus it to your industry for more optimal results.

Although this shouldn’t replace a typical job search because it is circulated to people who may or may not have the right fit for you at that moment, it is a great way to supplement your search for those interested in going above and beyond to find the right position. It is also an ideal way to get your resume in front of key decision makers at companies and with executive recruiters. Even if you are not a good fit right now, they create databases of resumes for when something might fit down the line. It’s a good opportunity for many to consider if a typical job search isn’t going as well as you like.

Mom is Going to Move Here to the Big City with Me

Coming from a small Texas town, moving to the big city was exciting and new from the very beginning. I highly doubt that will ever go back to go back to smaller town where I lived for so many years. My mom came here recently to help me look for apartments in North San Antonio after she learned that I wanted to move here permanently. I originally came here only temporarily so that I could go to salon school to get my hair dressing license. But the longer that I was here, the more I realize this would be the place that I should stay if I really wanted to make a good career for myself. There a lot of high-end salons here.

My mom was pretty disappointed when she learned that I wanted to come here permanently. Continue reading Mom is Going to Move Here to the Big City with Me

My New Home is Singapore

I’ve been living in Singapore for the past few months and I really like it. It’s a pretty unique country that has a different way of doing things than my home country, but that just makes it great. Before I came, a friend of mine recommended that I go to www.seasideresidencesofficialsite.com.sg to find a great place to live by the sea. I’ve been land locked all my life, so living by the sea sounded like a chance that I didn’t want to pass up. I rented a single bedroom suite in the residence and booked my tickets to Singapore.

As soon as I landed in Singapore, I just had to get to one of the local restaurants and try out their cuisine. I always do this first whenever I go to a new place, mostly because I’m hungry, but also because I want to see how the locals prepare their food and make use of the ingredients that are native to their area. Continue reading My New Home is Singapore

I Fell off a Balcony

My husband and I decided to stop at a motel about 90 minutes from our house on our way home from a trip. We were both just too tired to continue driving, and it was worth it to rest and avoid any accidents. The irony of this is that I was injured at the motel we stayed at. After checking in, we went to the balcony just to get some fresh air, and I ended up falling off it because of a railing that let loose. We ended up having to hire a personal injury attorney in Sacramento, but that was not our first thought.

My husband ran down the steps and out to the parking lot where I had fallen. It was just one story, thankfully, but that was bad enough. I had also fallen into a large bush, which helped to soften the fall, but my injuries were still pretty extensive. Continue reading I Fell off a Balcony

I Got Tranferred to Maryland

I got the word from my supervisor a couple of weeks ago and the company gave me a little bit of money for the move up to Maryland. Of course it is not really that big of a deal since I have been living in Northern Virginia and doing contracting for a different government agency. I wanted to figure out how to get to and from the office first and then find the most convenient Silver Spring apartments for rent (obviously taking other factors into it). At any rate that did not take very long, but it was really just a matter of luck. Continue reading I Got Tranferred to Maryland

I Decided to Move to a Place That Makes Me Happy

After a business trip one day, I drove slowly by a lot of Jacksonville Florida apartments on my way out of the city. I seemed to have stumbled onto a street where there was a very large cluster of apartment buildings. There were also a lot of quaint little businesses located on the same street. Some of the apartment building units were even built on top of these units. I really liked I lived only 30 minutes outside of the city and the little street full of renters and nice little businesses appealed to me. I kept thinking about it long after I left the city.

Where I lived at the time was sort of a rural area. I had an old house, but I found that it was difficult to take care of it on my own. I work a lot, so keeping up with the landscaping in my yard was a really big burden. My yard was huge, and I just didn’t have the many hours needed to keep it looking nice each week. I would often come home very tired after a business trip and stare at my grass that had grown about 12 inches high. I knew that it made my neighbors unhappy and it bothered me, too.

I also liked the thought of not having to commut far to get to a friendly little coffee shop or even a bookshop. I had to drive quite a bit to get to any place where I was living. I then decided it would be a good idea to move. I went to Jacksonville, and looked at the street that I had previously found and then began to find out which place I would like to live in. I picked a cute two bedroom place and I love it a lot.

We Decided to Live in a State with Warm Temperatures for Our Health

My husband I were vacationing, and before we went home, we stopped to look around at some Daytona Beach FL apartments first. We were getting really close to retiring, and we wanted to be some place near the ocean to retire. Living where it snows a lot and is cold for 5 months out of the year really affects your arthritis and quality of daily life. My doctor had told me that living where it is warm would make both of us feel much better and our arthritis wouldn’t be such a problem. So, out of the apartments that we drove past, we were pretty impressed with all of them. All of them had a very tropical, Florida feel to them, which is very calming to us.

I grew up in Minnesota, and that is where I have lived most of my life. I never wanted to leave because that is where my parents were. But they are no longer living, so I no longer felt a need to live somewhere where I did not have family ties anymore. Continue reading We Decided to Live in a State with Warm Temperatures for Our Health

Very Affordable Apartments in Deland Made It Possible for Us to Have a Second Home in Florida

We wanted a winter home, but it was not in our budget by a long shot. However, we wondered what it would be like to rent a nice apartment year round to live in. We checked out apartments in Deland and found a place that was super affordable. We could afford to keep our home up north and have a southern place to stay at when the snow flies. We work for ourselves running a business back home that shuts down when it gets cold. We earn our annual income from May to November. The rental costs for the apartments at Applewood made it so we could afford a second home. Continue reading Very Affordable Apartments in Deland Made It Possible for Us to Have a Second Home in Florida

An Email Marketing Campaign That is Easy

I wanted to take my company in a new direction, which meant a new marketing plan was needed. I have always used direct mailing campaigns before, but I was targeting a different demographic this time around. While I know a little about marketing, I knew next to nothing when it comes to online marketing tactics. I wanted to try an email campaign though, so I went online and did a search for the best email marketing services. I wanted to find a company that would be able to help me since I had never done one before.

What I found was actually better than that though. I was able to find a website that lists the top ten companies for their email marketing software packages. I thought that I was going to have to hire a company to do this for me, but it turns out that I was able to handle all of it on my own. Continue reading An Email Marketing Campaign That is Easy

The Curious Want to Know Who Will Marry Elsy

Watching those celebrity shows is like watching a train wreck. You cannot stop once you tune in. It sure does satisfy the curious nature people have about other people, especially ones who are celebrities or at least interesting. My recent surprise was when the Brangelina duo had their break. I remember when they were implying they would not even get married. Then they got married and now are splitting up. On the Hollywood shows, they go from that to who is getting married without missing a beat. I was wondering who will marry Elsy, but I was not finding her story on the TV shows since the megastar status was not yet part of her resume. So, I looked her up online.

So far there are just Facebook posts about shopping and traveling. I read a hotel recommendation and a post about a store she does not recommend her fans shop at. However, there is not a peep about who will marry Elsy yet. Maybe it is hidden somewhere deep in a social media video or post that I am not seeing. Plus, I am trying to figure out her connection to Freddy Haddad. Continue reading The Curious Want to Know Who Will Marry Elsy