Finding the Best Southern Place to Live

We ended up traveling in our Class C RV down south last year. We bought it used and had a trusted mechanic look it over and get it ready for the road. We went as far south as we could go, then we headed back north as Spring approached. We do consulting and web development work, so it was easy to keep moving and earn money. We spent more time in Georgia than anywhere else. We both liked Lake Lanier, but then found ourselves looking at an apartment in Marietta GA to be home base. We knew that we would either have to sign a new year’s lease for our apartment back home when we got back, or we would have to move out. There was nothing holding us to the region where my wife and I grew up, so we decided to get a place to come home to that was somewhere with a climate that was more our speed.

I remember us swimming in the Army Corp of Engineer’s man made lake at Lake Lanier, Georgia on a nice warm day. I had to call a neighbor back up where our old apartment was at that day, and he told me it was snowing up there! That convinced us both of a major benefit of moving south. We did not want to go where it would be super hot and humid in the summer, so we picked a spot just a little farther south than our favorite swimming hole at the lake. It is just about an hour more south to Marietta, Georgia, and that is where we found the Ashford Retreat. We have been enjoying our apartment in Marietta GA so much that the RV is staying parked for longer periods of time in between trips. We have a nice lake view here, and there is a sparkling swimming pool. Our apartment has a huge living room, and the kitchen has granite. It is a very nice place and very affordable too.