I Don’t Mind Staying in Vegas

Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but when you live in Vegas, it’s not like you have much of a choice. I’ve lived in Las Vegas since the day I was born. Lots of my friend decided to move after graduating college, but I chose to stay. They wanted me to go to California and New York, but I loved my home city too much to leave. Since I was an adult, I wanted to have my own apartment, rather than continue to live with my parents. I looked for Craigslist Las Vegas apartments, hoping I would find a good listing.

One of the apartment listings was a real attention grabber. The pictures of the apartment looked flashy, but in a good way. Being in Vegas, I should be used to seeing flashy things, but I hadn’t seen it embodied in an apartment complex. Everything had a visual style that seemed like it was designed just for grabbing attention of any potential renters. The first thing that caught my eye about the apartment complex was the swimming pool that looked like something out of a Hollywood party. It was surrounded by palm trees and fancy lounge seating. I could just see myself having a pool party with everyone in the apartments, even though I didn’t know anyone who lived there at the time.

The apartments were fully packed with everything, from a washer and dryer, to garden style tubs for soaking. There was even a gym with exercise machines and weights. All of my friends who moved to other states are probably wishing they had stayed in Las Vegas right about now, because there is no way they could have found some place to live that was half as good as this apartment complex, and certainly not for the price that I pay each month.