I Got a Promotion at the Resort

Of course I am really happy about and now I have a new home as well. It is a bit out of the way and a really well aged place, which means that there is a good bit of work to do. I have been trying to get a good deal from someone who installs adt in Las Vegas, but I do not want to be putting out so much money on that at the moment. I put everything that I had to hand into the down payment. In the long run I shall save all sorts of money, because the rent I was paying was a great deal more than the house payment is. Obviously that rent money is forever lost, while I should be able to retrieve a great deal of the money for this place. I am saving even more money because one of the dealers from the casino is paying rent on one of the extra rooms. He was really happy about the deal I offered him and of course we can share a ride into work when the schedule allows.

The place needs work and it needs furniture that is not left over from my days at UNLV. Of course furniture is expensive and I am not really going to have the money for new stuff right now, but I have been looking for better used furniture. I did spend the money to get a new box spring and mattress. It is not like I could really sleep well enough on the one that I had. I think that my Mom bought it for me when I went to college and that was around nine years ago. It was in bad shape for a long time, but now it is so lumpy that you just can not sleep right on it.