I Have Gone Back to School

Well it is not exactly like that, but I have been taking some classes in advertising to help me with the new job that I have sort of been squeezed into. I am taking a course called skillsfuture copywriting right now, which is about learning how to make print ads for the most part. At any rate this is a rather strange position, since I do not really have too much education in the field that I am working in. I knew nothing about advertising when I got here, but they somehow decided that I should do it. This probably had something to do with the fact that I had taken a few art classes in college, but of course I did that because I learned that there were tons of good looking girls in art class. I did not really learn all that much about art when I was there and I was quite happy to not learn. It was a very easy way to make a good grade.

At any rate it has sort of turned out that I must have some skill at this. I am not sure how and I really do not know why. I came up with a plan and they seem to think that it worked, but of course I mostly focused on emphasizing the things that I knew we did well. I did not see much point in telling a tall tale, but instead I tried to make us look as though we knew which end of the rope to throw, or something like that. It is obvious that you have to figure out what sort of impression you want to give to the buyer and that you want to convince them that going with your company is going to be a great deal for them.