Making the Best of Company Training Video Production

We had plenty of raw footage. We just needed a company to put it together into training videos we could have produced into DVDs we could use. We turned to a company that does video production in Singapore for help. We had excellent footage for each training segment we wanted to cover. The video and audio quality was excellent. We used our own trainers and employee talent in the production. We hired professional photographers, videographers and sound and lighting engineers for all of the footage. A continuity person kept track of every scene. The hours of digital video needed graphics and editing into training DVDs.

It is not hard working with a company halfway around the world. Videoconferencing makes it just like we are in the same room together. We took our time with the process, and we were able to see the results of their work to approve it for a final cut that we would have turned into DVDs as well as use online in our training courses. We went out of our way to not have anything in the videos that would soon become obsolete or dated including the clothing worn by trainers. Have you ever watched an old company training video and seen clothes, glasses, shoes or even room decor that lets your mind date the piece immediately? This goes for hairstyles too. Can you imagine trying to get new hires to sit through and learn from training footage from the 1960s or 1970s even if the material was 100 percent pertinent today as it was back then?

We have some older training DVDs in use that are about five or so years old. You cannot tell by watching them if they were made yesterday or years ago. We learned from our training material produced in the early years of our company. Some stuff does not change in our company. A lot of it does. For the static things, we wanted to maximize our investment in training segments as this stuff is not cheap to produce.