Mom is Going to Move Here to the Big City with Me

Coming from a small Texas town, moving to the big city was exciting and new from the very beginning. I highly doubt that will ever go back to go back to smaller town where I lived for so many years. My mom came here recently to help me look for apartments in North San Antonio after she learned that I wanted to move here permanently. I originally came here only temporarily so that I could go to salon school to get my hair dressing license. But the longer that I was here, the more I realize this would be the place that I should stay if I really wanted to make a good career for myself. There a lot of high-end salons here.

My mom was pretty disappointed when she learned that I wanted to come here permanently. However, I made sure to let her know that I’m only a couple of hours away from where she is. Not only that, but my father is no longer in my mom’s life, and I told her that it might be a good idea to start thinking about moving here to be closer to me! I told her that I would love to have her nearby, and I know that she is happiest when she’s with me, too. She’s also in her seventies, and it would make me feel better knowing that I can keep an eye on her more often. I think that would help her feel more secure, too.

While looking for a new apartment, I suggested to mom that it might be a good idea if we look for apartments that have two bedrooms. That was when I told her that I would really love it if she moved in with me. She was surprised and tickled by that. She thought I was joking at first, but when she realized that I meant it, I saw her smile and light up.