Replacing a Meal with a Good Shake

This year as a way to get into shape, I decided to try something a little different. I’ve exercised and dieted before, and my results have been mixed, with some major achievements and some major pitfalls. Rather than sticking with the typical diet, I came up with the idea of substituting some meals with meal replacement shakes. I heard about Idealshape from a commercial and became curious about what it could do for me, so I looked for unbiased Idealshape reviews that would give me the true story on these meal replacement shapes. I would know once and for all if they were a worthy option for dieting and weight loss.

The reviews for the meal replacement shakes were impressive. The people who used them could not stop talking about how they loved the taste of these shakes. I’ve tried some meal replacement shakes in the past, but not for weight loss purposes. These shakes were just to keep my stomach from growling because I was hungry at the time. I didn’t particularly care for the taste of those shakes, which made me wary about trying any shakes in the future. The reviews gave me hope that the Idealshape shakes would be much better.

I wanted to start off small, just in case I didn’t like the shakes. I got a package of chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, strawberry, and vanilla flavored shakes. Out of the flavors that I selected, I expected the vanilla flavor to be bad because of my previous experience, but it actually tasted great. My favorite one so far is the chocolate peanut butter flavor. When the Christmas holiday comes, I’m going to give the egg nog flavor a try. As far as meal replacements, the shakes do a good job, and they’ve helped me lose a lot of weight over the past few months.