So Much I Like About the Pad

Looking for a new place has never been fun for me. There are some people out there who enjoy taking their time and finding just the right place to live, even if it takes them weeks or even months. I just don’t have that kind of patience. When I had to move closer to Atlanta, I decided to go online and find an apartment that way. I had never done that before, but I figured it would be a quick and efficient way to find what I want. It definitely proved to be both those things when I found

This is the website for a new apartment complex that is right on the outskirts of Atlanta, and it is actually in the perfect location for me since my job is on the outskirts of Atlanta as well. I thought that I would end up getting an apartment in the city and commuting, but this makes my travel time so much easier. I also like the fact that I can just leave my car and take the train to most of the places that I need to go.

I also like everything that is a part of the community features at Pad on Harvard. There is a bar area as well as a catering space if I would ever feel the need for that, and there is also a sky lounge on the rooftop. There is a mail room, and packages are accepted for me when I am not home to do that myself. That is a lot more convenient than having to go to the delivery company’s hub and picking up a package because I am never home when they deliver. There is just so much I like about this place, and I hope that it is home for a long time to come.