The Roof Needed to Be Replaced

When I saw the price of a house in Queens, I knew I had to go and see it in person. The asking price was so much lower than what a house in the neighborhood demands, and I wanted to see why. Even if the house was in bad shape, the property value alone would be worth buying it. However, when I looked at the house, the only thing I could see wrong was that it needed a new roof. I have a company that I use for roof repairs and roof replacement in Queens since I tend to buy a lot of houses and flip them, so I already knew what the cost would be, or at least the general area.

I didn’t even go into a bidding war, because I knew that someone else was going to come and snap it up quickly. I offered the asking price, and we closed on it not too much later. I then contacted the roofing company that I use to come and give me a quote on what it would cost. I figured it would need to be totally replaced, and that is what it did need.

I trust this company, which is the reason I have used them nearly a dozen times in the last ten years. I knew that they would give me a fair price for a new roof, and I also knew that they would only use quality materials. The house did in fact need a new roof, and I was happy with the price that they gave me. That is the first thing that I had done to the house, but it was not the last. I did a few other upgrades, and I ended up selling it for nearly four times what I paid for it. To think, I got it so low because of a bad roof!