They Sure Fixed My Daughter’s Acne

Thanks to an aesthetic medical clinic for Singapore, my wife and I successfully rid our daughter of a really bad case of acne. We moved here about six months ago and she’d been having the problem back in the States. We managed to keep it under control there, but I think the stress of moving across the world to a brand new city caused her acne to get much worse. It got so bad that she didn’t even want to go to school, and frankly I couldn’t blame her. It did look quite awful and I didn’t want her to get bullied at her new school.

My husband and I researched our options and found a clinic nearby that treats acne with all the modern techniques. We made an appointment for our daughter and took her in for the appointment. She got right in and one of the medical professionals spent a lot of time with us asking questions and trying to figure out what caused the acne. We really appreciated that part of the examination because it meant they weren’t just trying to fix the problem, but rather to understand how it started in the first place.

They thought she might have an allergy that was causing the acne to flare up, and recommended some dietary changes that they said should greatly reduce the problem. In the meantime, they gave her some ointment that they said should clear up the worst of the pimples. Sure enough, the ointment worked and worked rather quickly. The diet change worked as well, so that when the acne went away it stayed gone. My daughter looks forward to school now and like to make new friends and take part in school activities. We couldn’t be happier with the great treatment she received at the clinic.