What Happened on the Day Michael Jackson Died

imagem de Michael Jackson morto?! (o rei do pop) Foto-Michael-Jackson ...Many people loved him, while just as many grew weary and suspicious of the way he acted as an adult. No matter what your personal feelings were regarding Michael Jackson, you were probably as shocked as the rest of the world when he died suddenly, at a relatively young age. There have been many questions surrounding his death, and although Conrad Murray, the doctor who was treating Jackson, has been sentenced to jail for his role in the death, there is still much mystery surrounding the entire situation. All that is really known stems from Murray, and it seems unlikely that he has discussed everything that happened that day. The following facts, however, are what we have learned in the three years since Jackson died.

Murray appears to have gone in to check on Jackson at some point on the day he died, only to find him unresponsive. He tried to give CPR, but his attempts failed; at that point, Murray yelled for help. He did not, however, use a phone to summon assistance; he didn’t have access to a landline and he has stated that he didn’t grab his cell phone because he wasn’t sure what the physical location of the house was. Instead, he retreated to a different area of the house, calling for security. At that point, security then called emergency services.

An ambulance arrived on the scene very quickly and paramedics worked on Jackson for almost an hour. There are differing accounts of Jackson’s condition; Murray says he had a pulse at this point but the fire department noted that Jackson was already in cardiac arrest. The paramedics were unable to help Jackson and he was declared dead.

Murray, who was hired to help Jackson, actually did the opposite; he administered propofol to help him sleep, and the anesthetic is what eventually caused Jackson’s death.